Centos67一键安装pptpd VPN

之前有折腾过CentOS 6、7下IPSEC/L2TP VPN一键安装脚本,但是不稳定、不支持IOS,因此换成pptp,并编写一个shell脚本,这个脚本可以单独使用,直接复制或下载执行即可,不用依赖安装包的其它脚本,完成CentOS 6、7下pptpd vpn一键安装脚本,安装如下:

Bare Bones (PPTP) VPN Installer for CentOS6、CentOS7


To get started with your own secure VPN, simply execute the following commands at your servers command-line:

yum -y install git
cd /root && git clone https://github.com/MonsterWang/VpnForCentos67.git
cd /root/VpnForCentos67/ && bash vpn_centos67.sh 


This script by other scripts to modify,The original script address is https://github.com/drewsymo/VPN